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DAN - Do Anything Now is a versatile GPT in ChatGPT, offering users the unique experience of interacting with two distinct AI personalities. One is the Standard ChatGPT for general inquiries and conversations, and the other is the unrestricted DAN, designed for more open-ended and less restricted interactions.

How to use:

1. Access: To begin using DAN - Do Anything Now, simply press the "try it" button at the top right of this page to open the GPT inside ChatGPT.

2. Choose Personality: Decide whether you want to interact with the Standard ChatGPT for regular queries or switch to the unrestricted DAN for a more unbounded conversational experience.

3. Engage: Engage with the chosen personality by asking questions, seeking advice, or exploring topics of interest. The AI will respond according to the personality mode selected.

4. Switch Modes: At any point, you can switch between the Standard ChatGPT and unrestricted DAN to suit your interaction needs.

5. Explore: Use this GPT to explore a wide range of topics, from everyday questions to more complex inquiries that require the unique capabilities of DAN.

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