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Excel Brother is a versatile GPT in ChatGPT, designed to assist users with various Excel-related queries and challenges. From basic spreadsheet questions to complex formula troubleshooting, this GPT is equipped to handle a wide range of Excel tasks. It also accepts file uploads and screenshots, making it easier to provide specific and accurate solutions.

How to use:

1. Access: Users can access the GPT simply by pressing the "try it" button at the top right of this page to open the GPT inside ChatGPT.

2. Upload or Describe: You can upload your Excel file or paste a screenshot for visual queries. Alternatively, describe your Excel problem or question in detail.

3. Ask Questions: Pose specific questions regarding your Excel challenges, whether they are about formulas, data analysis, formatting, or any other Excel feature.

4. Receive Solutions: Excel Brother will provide solutions, tips, and step-by-step guidance to address your Excel-related issues effectively.

5. Implement Advice: Apply the advice and solutions offered to solve your Excel problems or enhance your spreadsheet skills.

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