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ScholarAI serves as a highly efficient research assistant, designed to help users delve into an extensive database of over 200 million articles, journals, and books. It is an invaluable tool for students, academics, and professionals seeking to conduct thorough research in their respective fields. ScholarAI simplifies the process of finding relevant and authoritative sources, making research more accessible and efficient.

How to use:

  1. Access: Engage with ScholarAI by pressing the "try it" button at the top right of this page, which opens the GPT inside ChatGPT. This immediate access enables a seamless start to your research journey.
  2. Query Input: Input your research query or topic of interest. ScholarAI is capable of understanding complex and specific academic queries, ensuring that the results are as relevant as possible to your needs.
  3. Review Results: After processing your query, ScholarAI provides a list of relevant articles, journals, and books. These resources are carefully selected to match your research topic, offering a wide range of authoritative sources.
  4. Deepen Research: Utilize the provided resources to deepen your understanding of the topic. ScholarAI makes it easier to find high-quality, relevant materials, significantly enhancing your research process.
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