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UpScaler is a GPT in ChatGPT tailored for Dall-E users who seek to enhance and upscale their images. This GPT supports enlarging images from 2x to 4x, ideal for printing and showcasing artworks in poster size. It also includes de-noising features for cleaner and clearer results, and supports processing multiple images simultaneously. Users can even use abbreviations for quicker commands, making UpScaler an efficient and user-friendly tool for image enhancement.

How to use:

1. Begin Enhancement: Press the "try it" button at the top right of this page to open UpScaler inside ChatGPT.

2. Upload or Enter Image: Upload your image or enter an image prompt to start the upscaling and enhancement process.

3. Choose Settings: Select your preferred settings, such as enlargement scale (2x-4x) and de-noising options, to customize the output.

4. Process and Download: After processing, download the enhanced images, ready for printing or digital display.

UpScaler is perfect for digital artists, photographers, and Dall-E users who want to bring their digital creations to life with higher quality and larger formats. Its multiple image processing capability and abbreviation support make it a convenient tool for both amateur and professional users.

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