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WebPilot is a versatile GPT that enables users to browse webpages, PDFs, and various data sources directly within the ChatGPT interface. It's designed to enhance research and information gathering by integrating browsing capabilities with ChatGPT's conversational interface. Whether you're dealing with one or multiple URLs, WebPilot provides a seamless experience.

How to use:

Accessing WebPilot: To begin using WebPilot, simply press the 'try it' button located at the top right of this page to open the GPT within ChatGPT.

Browsing Capabilities: Enter the URL of the webpage or PDF you wish to browse. WebPilot will access the content and display it within the chat, allowing you to view and interact with it directly.

Interactive Chat: As you browse, you can chat with WebPilot about the content you're viewing. This feature is particularly useful for discussing and analyzing information from various sources.

Handling Multiple URLs: WebPilot can handle multiple URLs simultaneously, making it easy to compare and contrast information from different sources.

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